Because that whole ‘rules’ thing is a hindrance to our existence.

I’ve worked in the corporate world since I graduated from college.  Through the years, I’ve learned that it just isn’t for me.  I mean who else gets highly annoyed when their supervisor asks them to do something within their job description?  Do you spend a majority of your company time working on things for your own brand?  Hell, I’m writing this post while I’m at work.  It’s not that we’re lazy, we just don’t thrive in environments that challenge our creativity.  The moment things become mundane, we check out.  I can write a novel, produce a play and star in the movie about hating the corporate environment but for now, I’ll leave you with 5 reasons why creatives struggle in the corporate world.

We hate rules.

I know when you hired me I agreed to do certain tasks but I really don’t want to.  And I don’t appreciate you asking me to do work, at work.  Creatives only want to do creative stuff.  Anything outside of that is a nuisance.

We work on our own time schedule.

Not all of us are built for that 9-5 lifestyle.  I know I’m not.  Corporate structure that requires an 8-10 hour work day is restricting.  I work best when I feel inspired to create content.  When I’m not doing that, I’m networking, strategizing and engaging in other projects that help promote my brand.  It is completely impossible to fit all that a creative does into a 9-5 time frame.  When you work for someone else you have the luxury of “clocking out” at the end of your work day.  For creatives, our work day can literally be all day, every day.  The difference is, it doesn’t always feel like work.


Our flare is usually toned down because it is not easily understood or accepted.

How many times have you come to the table with an amazing idea only for you to be told to scale it back?  Too many alterations to our ideas will result in a shut down of productivity.  The corporate environment is stifling to our need for self-expression.  Keep in mind we’re artists and we’re sensitive about our shit!


We can’t conform to the cookie-cutter image.

I remember sitting in a meeting with a lady who criticized people with nose rings.  I sat there awkwardly staring at my nose ring, which you can imagine made me look very cock-eyed.  If a little nose ring has you hot and bothered, what does someone with tattoos do to your blood pressure?  Creatives can definitely do the cookie-cutter look, but we hate it.  Life is much more easier when you can look how you want to look.  What’s worse than a creative in a suit?  A creative in a uniform.


Routine sucks.

I’m sorry but waking up to do the same thing every day is boring.  I’m impulsive.  A big part of who I am is observing other parts of the world.  I pick up and leave A LOT.  Creatives need room to shake up their daily routine.  No work day is the same.  Work may occur at midnight on a balcony in London or at 4am in the comforts of my couch.