There’s a good chance you have an introvert in your life.  They’re the person that never wants to go clubbing with you, they don’t answer the phone when you call and they’re the first to leave, an hour into your event.  We sound like horrible people, right?  Truth is, large social outings make us extremely uncomfortable.  Unnecessary conversations make us uncomfortable.  Most things that involve other people… make us uncomfortable.

Here they are…

10 Signs You May be an Introvert

Remember, as bad as our reputations are, we are good people. Really! It’s our quirks that make us popular.


The sound of your phone ringing makes you cringe. Is there a reason this can’t be texted?






When you’re contacted on more than one social media platform. Please, don’t text me, dm me, Snapchat me, Tweet me and have an Instagram conversation with it. It’s too much!





You opt for the longer route to avoid social interaction with the familiar faces that love to small talk you to death.





You skip all the holiday parties at work or club invitations. Why stand in the corner of a room and listen to music when you can do that in the comfort of your home.






Awkward exchanges are your specialty.  You don’t mean to make things weird.  It’s a natural talent.





If you had a dollar for the amount of times people called you cold or standoffish you’d be able to afford Real estate in Brooklyn.  We aren’t cold, or standoffish, we’re uncomfortable and daydreaming or playing solitaire to maintain sanity.





You’re tired of making up excuses as to why you simply don’t want to hang out.





When you finally do go out, you’ve already started the countdown to your planned escape.





When you return home, you feel like a brand new person.





Eye contact makes you extremely uncomfortable.  Just, no.