Because she defines Black Girl Magic!


If you ask me, Issa Rae is an inspiration to socially awkward, introverted women of color everywhere.  She is an example of what it means to create a goal, execute it, all while not compromising your vision.  In interviews, Issa discusses having projects on the table that she couldn’t follow through with because it didn’t align with what she aspired to produce.  She committed to the idea of having a specific project with people of color working behind it.  She didn’t stop until she was able to see it to fruition.  Now, not only does she have an award-winning show on her hands, she also has other amazing projects in the works that further highlight her talent as a director, producer, writer and actress.  With all of these accolades under her belt, you can imagine the disgust I felt when Eldredge E. Washington wrote this idiotic post on Facebook.


Excuse me, Sir?

In true Issa fashion, she replied with a simple affirmation of her greatness.

Now I can come up with 1 billion reasons as to why Issa Rae’s entire existence represent goals, but i’ll leave you with 5.  Eldredge, take notes!

She is unapologetically and authentically herself.


I mean, rightttt? I can go in, but I feel this is self-explanatory.

She rides for her people.



Who else makes it their personal mission to employ people of color?  Issa wants pour back into her community by reviewing and highlighting projects made by people of color and adding them to the payroll.  She wins, we all win!  That’s goaly af!

She makes it okay to be awkward.


At one point, my life mirrored her YouTube series, Awkward Black Girl.  Like, how many times do I have to run into you in the hallway and say hello before things get weird(er)?  Then she introduced, Insecure and I completely lost my shit.  It’s very powerful to see yourself represented on the big screen.  For me, she made it okay to be a socially awkward woman of color in a world full of extroverted socialites.

She uses her platform appropriately.


Whatever topics we need to be addressed in the black community are tackled head-on.  Nothing is left off limits!  Gentrification; check!  Racial inequalities; check! Interracial dating; check!

Insecure, NO MORE!


Issa laid all of her insecurities out there for the world to see.  In interviews, she’s discussed having a negative self-image, not fitting in and struggling to find herself.  She has now capitalized off of those insecurities by documenting them in her series and creating a platform for other people of color who may battle with the same issues.  Not trying to stan too hard, but Issa taught me that if you love your insecurities enough, you’ll no longer view them as a bad thing.  Hell, where do you think Introvert N the City came from?

There you have it.  I could go on, but I want to avoid looking like an obsessed fan.  I am grateful for women like Issa Rae who provide an example on what it means to be authentically YOU. Eldredge, if these aren’t goals you seek in a woman then you need to up your standards!

Header Photo by Chris Loupos for Adweek