Because stress leads to ulcers.

Managing stress takes tons of practice.  Some people find comfort in wallowing in hurt, anger or self-pity while others challenge themselves to shake it off and find a solution.  When you understand the power of your thoughts, it can cause conflict when it comes to allowing yourself to feel what you feel.  When I’m feeling down, I give myself a very limited amount of time to feel what I’m feeling and then shift into a self-serving mind frame.  Finding balance in stressful situations takes a lot of work.  If you practice these 5 tips, you’ll have more control over your energy during the times where you feel out of control.


During those stress-ridden situations, your mind goes into overdrive.  Suddenly all the thoughts of what can go wrong creep into your subconscious and you begin to break.  In that moment, take time to walk away from the situation you’re in and breathe.  Quietly affirm that things will be okay.  During those stressful moments, it’s easier to convince yourself that things will go wrong.  Don’t believe it!  Everything has the power to shift as long as your energy is open to it.  When you’re faced with moments that seem overwhelming, excuse yourself.  The moment of solitude that you give yourself can determine the success of the end result.

Burn sage

Source: MindBodyGreen

Sage acts as a natural antidepressant and is perfect for disposing negative energy.  Burning a little sage can help clear your mind and hopefully adjust your perspective.  If you’re unable to burn sage in the moment, burn it when you get home.  Partnering sage and meditation can work wonders.

Look at things from a different perspective

When you’re stressed out, the last thing you want to do is evaluate how the other person is feeling.  Who cares!  When someone is making a situation harder for you, it becomes more difficult to see things from their perspective.  If you take time to evaluate the intentions and the behavior of someone else, it’ll help you understand the root of the issue.

Re-evaluate what is needed to make you feel better

It sounds so simple.  In this moment, what will make you feel better?  Is it realistic?  Attainable? Are you okay with knowing that there is a possibility you won’t receive it?  Re-evaluate the situation that is causing you stress.  Really dissect it to determine what kind of energy you’re feeding it.  If you’re seeking something like an apology, changed behavior or acknowledgement, put it on the table for the other person to know that’s whats needed to make you feel better. Learn to make peace with the fact that you may not receive an apology, changed behavior or acknowledgement.

Can the situation be changed? If so, change it.

If you have the power to change the situation, why are you exhausting unnecessary energy over it?  No pity parties over here, you’re wasting time.  Do what it takes to get the outcome you desire.  Can’t change the situation?  Then why are you worrying?  If the end result is out of your control, utilize your energy hoping for the best rather than stressing yourself out.