Positive Vibes Only.

Photo Source: Nicholle Kobi

Who do you follow on Instagram? When I became an active user of the app, I followed a bunch of random celebrities and gossip sites.  I quickly realized the importance of scrolling past posts that are empowering, not demeaning.  As I increased my Instagram activity and self-awareness, I began to unfollow accounts that were negative and served no purpose to my mental well being.

Pay attention to what you consume.  I love a good meme and I generally have a good sense of humor, but it is more beneficial to read posts that encourage me to explore my greatness.  When I am seeking inspiration or need a boost in affirming who I am, there are a few accounts that I immediately turn to. Here are 6 accounts that’ll help you vibrate higher.

Awaken Healers

One of the first accounts I followed when I started my Introvert N the City Instagram page.  The daily readings are an added bonus to my morning scrolls.  The positive mantras make my days shine brighter!


You Are Creators

I discovered You Are Creators via YouTube.  Since then, I’ve incorporated their affirmations into my daily routine.  I have learned so much through this account!  I make sure to do a daily check in on both social media platforms to feed my soul.


Abundant Boss Babes

This account was a recent find.  First of all, the account name screams embodies everything that I know I am.  I am an Abundant Boss Babe!  It’s great to visit a page that has the same values as you.  Not only are we manifesting a successful life for ourselves, we’re bringing other people around for the ride!

Manifest Magic Char

The name says it all.  When you’re manifesting the life you’ve always wanted, it can feel like magic.  The truth is, it’s logic!  I love this account because you get an even mix of inspiration and evidence.  Watch Char manifest a magical life.


Danielle 1111

Whenever I need a pick me up, I visit this page.  I tag my friends in the posts and send them as DM’s to those who may need a boost in their vibration levels.  If you ever need a lesson in alignment or a reminder that the universe has your back, then I highly suggest you hit the follow button on this account.


Introvert N the City

I think I’m pretty awesome and inspirational.  The goal of Introvert N the City is to show you that it’s possible to become your best self and live out your dreams.  Through my Instagram page and website, I hope to use my life as evidence.

Animation by Nicholle Kobi