I’m here to dispel the myths about Introverts.  You think you know, but you have no idea!

Myth: Introverts don’t know how to have a good time.

Reality: We love a good time with people we are comfortable with. Our idea of fun isn’t necessarily a club setting. We prefer something more intimate.


Myth: Introverts are shy.

Reality: We aren’t shy, we just despise small talk. Conversations are intentional and with purpose.


Myth: Introverts are depressing and unhappy.

Reality: It’s easy to assume that someone who would rather stay home than to be around huge crowds of people are unhappy or depressed. Truth be told, our need for solitude has nothing to do with our sense of inner happiness. I am generally a very happy, positive person.


Myth: Introverts don’t make good public figures because they don’t like most public settings.

Reality: Our beloved 44th President is an Introvert.  You can read about my favorite inny’s here.  With such a broad spectrum of introversion, we can easily fit into the role of a public figure.  J.K. Rowling, Michael Jordan, Hillary Clinton and Mark Zuckerberg are just a few of the successful public figures who identify as introverts.


Myth: Introverts are rude.

Reality: We aren’t rude, we just get straight to the point.  Let’s skip the pleasantries.  Sometimes it can be seen as abrupt.  We’re also viewed as rude when we avoid phone calls. Nothing personal, we just don’t do phone calls too well.


Myth: Introverts can turn into extroverts.

Reality: Sorry guys, if you’re an introvert, consider it a lifetime commitment.  The only way you can ever go between both personality types is if you are an ambivert.  Remember, there is a wide spectrum when it comes to being an extrovert and an introvert.