Introvert N The City
Hi! I’m Marsha B., and I’m a socially awkward 30-something introvert maneuvering her way through New York City. From a very young age I recognized I was different. While it took me years to identify my personality type, I knew that there was something unique, spiritual and calm about my energy. I sucked at networking, always wanted to go home early and dwelled deeply on the awkward encounters I’d find myself in. My friends referred to me as a “grandma” or “old soul.” At the time I thought it was fitting but it took me a few years to realize I’m just introverted.

In my 20’s I discovered Issa Rae’s “Awkward Black Girl” on YouTube. Her socially awkward demeanor depicted my whole existence! It was then I realized being a socially awkward introvert is not a negative quality. I’m wired in a way that appreciates solitude and uses it as an opportunity to recharge, reflect and rebuild.

As a textbook introvert I’ve managed to connect with people in the fashion and media world in order to build long-lasting, professional relationships. I realized there are tons of us out there! Introvert N the City is a safe space for introverts, those who don’t understand introverts and the socially awkward folks who need need to be reminded of their amazingly unique personalities.

Immediate facts. Brooklyn resident, Brooklyn college graduate, travel enthusiast and full-time journalist.