Because sometimes we need to be reminded that we are amazing people.


We feed ourselves a lot of negative beliefs subconsciously.  Whether we are exploring something new or trying to figure out our place in life, we often fall back on the thoughts that we aren’t capable of achieving our goals. In any given situation we can develop a long list of reasons why something won’t work out in our favor.  We discourage ourselves from giving our best because we’ve convinced ourselves that we don’t deserve that win.  So we prepare for the loss.  But what if we can win?

I was guilty of this.  I never fully believed in myself or my potential. I knew I was good, but I relied on other people to affirm my greatness.  Imagine how fragile your mind is if your potential was determined by other people’s opinions.  I felt as great as I could, as long as everyone else thought I was great.  And when people called me mediocre, that’s how I felt.  At one point, I was so reliant on the opinions of others’ that I would become depressed or upset when I’d do something and not get the needed reaction.  I allowed my power to slip away from me and into the hands of my peers.  Big mistake.

I am good enough.

The truth is, any reason that’s ever made you consider you weren’t good enough is simply not true.  We are capable of amazing things, as long as we believe we are.  I can do any and everything I put my mind to and I don’t need approval from anyone else.  I don’t need to rely on anyone’s opinion because I realized the only opinion that matters is my own.

What situations caused you to believe you’re not good enough?  I challenge you to examine the source.  After determining the source, consider it a weak reason to deny your greatness.  We are powerful human beings, as long as we believe that we are.  The only thing holding you back is YOU.