No, this isn’t an actual bath.

Join me on Saturday, March 24th for the ultimate relaxation experience.  Facilitated by Jennifer Drue of the Midtown Santuary, prepare to kick off your shoes and end your night with the most peaceful sound bath ever.

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What is a Sound Bath?

According to Sara Auster, certified sound therapy practioner, “A sound bath is a gentle, yet powerful, experience for the mind and body.  The sounds are created by a variety of instruments, including tuning forks, gongs, shruti box, Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, chimes, and voice. The aim is to invite deep rest and relaxation, and explore self-inquiry.” There is no bath involved.  In short, it is a relaxation meditation facilitated by an expert.

As an added bonus, a one-question tarot card reading will be provided to each attendee by my personal Psychic, Lanka.  After you RSVP, email your question to me and it will be forwarded to Lanka.  She will do a tarot card reading and return your response to me.  At the end of the meditation, you will receive the answer to your reading.  Visit Lanka’s website 

Light refreshments will be served.  PLEASE NOTE: THIS EVENT IS EXCLUSIVE TO WOMEN