I quit my job and I couldn’t be happier.

Today is my last day working in the corporate environment. About 3 months ago, I decided to take a leap of faith and submit my letter of resignation.  It wasn’t an easy decision but I always believed that when God wants things to change in your life, He makes you uncomfortable.  I’ve documented my struggle with depression and realized that a big part of the source was not living in my purpose.  If you really dissect what I’ve done, you’ll realize that quitting a job isn’t a groundbreaking move.  People quit their jobs everyday.  But as I began to get congratulated for making such a bold, major move in my life, I realized that the act of faith is what captivated everyone.

I had the guts to step out on faith and follow my dreams.  I decided to go against the grain and step outside of what is safe and secure, to figure out how walk in my purpose.  That’s major!  Forgive me if it took me a while to realize it.  Making this decision for myself helped me recognize how many people live a comfortable, fearful life.  Employment has become the comfortable and secure way of living.  Following your dreams awakens a fear of the unknown.  How will I make money?  What if I fail?  How will I pay my rent and bills?

When I decided to take a leap of faith, I took time to answer these questions, and more.

How will I make money? My goal is to become a self-sufficient brand.  I will make money by working!  I have to hold myself 100% accountable for how I make money.  Since I am no longer relying on a 9-5 income, I recognize the more work I put in, the more I likely I am to become self sufficient.  Like the corporate world, if I don’t go to work, I don’t get paid.

What if I fail? I’ve changed my relationship with failure.  There isn’t a single successful person in the world who hasn’t failed.  A perfect journey without struggle or hardships teaches you nothing.  While I don’t aspire to fail, I am aware that messing up is the only way I’ll learn to do and be better.

How will I pay my rent and bills?  Subconsciously, God put it in my spirit to save a chunk of my income each check.  Because I’ve always been good with money, when I received my most recent promotion at work, I increased the amount of money saved.  I had no clue what I was saving for, but I knew it was important to have money in the bank.  It became clear to me that God was preparing me financially for my leap of faith.  With a financial cushion under me and a hustlers mentality, I expect to attract a healthy, abundant income.  There’s nothing beneficial about thinking otherwise.

The thing about taking a leap of faith is you have to be confident in it.  There is no room for fear and faith.  There is no room for fear when God has given me an important task to carry out.  More importantly, my faith in His vision is strong.  This path is 100% carved out by God, himself.  There’s no way He’d put a vision in my heart if He didn’t have plans to see it through. I’m that confident in my decision because it’s His will.

What does your leap of faith look like?  What has God put on your heart to do or be?  What’s holding you back?