It’s a freeing concept.

I try to live a life that is less judgmental and more understanding.  I recognize that people are on different journeys in their lives so their perception of life’s situations will vary.  Still, it’s important to think beyond what’s in front of you.  Sometimes we have to take the additional energy required to see things beyond the surface.

This goes for all aspects of life.  I created the “Think Outside the Box” hoodie, to encourage people to  be open to things they don’t understand.  The box is a safety net that houses only what we understand.  Beyond that, you’ll find life, culture, experience and knowledge.

We can learn to judge less and love more if we think outside the box and try to understand others.  What do you say?  Will you challenge yourself to do some unconventional thinking?

Huge shoutout to Samjah of Style and Energy.  Check out my Teespring store for more!