Happy Pride!!!

For as long as I could remember, the month of June was filled with color, vibrance and freedom.  I was introduced to the LGBTQ community when I was 17 years old.  During the summer, I’d spend each weekend at the pier with the boys and girls, clad in rainbow flags, hot shorts and bikini tops.  Through the openness of the community, I felt comfortable coming out as a lesbian.

Almost 15 years later, the community has changed drastically.  We have people who have put a voice to feelings that others have carried for decades.  As the LGBTQ community becomes more inclusive, the need for an open discussion is vital so that we can educate other on pronouns, dispel stereotypes and get rid of gender norms.  Even I have shifted my views on how I identify.  While I am comfortable with the Lesbian label, I recognize that love is fluid and I have the potential to fall in love with anyone.

After interviewing Tamilia Saint-Lot, a person who identifies as non-binary, I recognized just how important this discussion is.  I decided to put a panel together with members of the LGBTQ community so that we could dive in head first.  The goal is to provide a deeper understanding of who each person is, why they identify the way they do and how we can stray from stereotypes and look at the person instead.

If you’re in the NYC area on Tuesday, June 26th, come hang with myself, Tamilia, Jose, Dallas, Walter and Brycen at the Live Out Loud Panel! You can purchase your ticket here.

Hope to see you!

Featured Image Credit: Refinery29