Last night I hosted the Live Out Loud panel featuring Dallas Robinson, Tamilia Saint-Lot, Jose Guerrero, Brycen Gaines and Walter Filmore IV.  As the room filled with love, good vibes and openness, the excitement of what we were about to create settled in.  Safe spaces are important.  People need to feel safe telling their stories just like others need to feel safe when asking their questions.  To my knowledge, this was the first time a panel like this was put together to highlight the experience of LBGBTQ people of color.  I decided to capture the panel on video for the people who couldn’t attend AND to serve as a resource for this specific topic.

Grab a seat, get your favorite snack and watch us dispel stereotypes, discuss pronouns, dissect gender norms, claim our labels and much, much more!

FYI- I’m not a YouTube Guru YET so there is no editing done on these videos.  My bad!  Feel free to subscribe to the channel!  I promise to upload more riveting content!