Short Answer: EVERYTHING!

I was texting with a friend that I’ve known for over 6 years when she asked me this.  I chuckled.  The conversation began with her asking me how the freelance life was treating me.  I explained that after I quit my job, I took off and went to California for a week, returned in time to witness my BFF give birth, enjoy the Christmas holiday and then came the New Year.  This week was the first time I got into the freelance lifestyle.

The question in itself was comical.  You’ve known me for so long, how don’t you know what I do?   Then it hit me; I am an untraditional person who identifies as a creator (artist, limitless person, creator of lanes that don’t exist).  Of course people can’t figure out what you do; you a little bit of everything!  Because I took her question literally, I was confused by what she was asking.  Of course she knows I’m a writer.  There’s so much more to me though and I guess that’s where people get confused.

There is a whole community of people out there that can’t identify with a job title because they do so much and recognize that they live in a limitless universe.  I sent her a picture of my ‘Think Outside the Box’ hoodie (shameless plug) to show her that a person like me doesn’t fit in a box.  She understood.

In this world, you can be the person who dreams of a specific occupation (the doctor’s lawyers, teachers, social workers, dancers, Olympians etc. of the world).  You can be the person who aims to explore every single talent held in their body (das me), or you can be the person who does what’s needed to survive.

Who are you?