Hi I’m Sadae like Sade with an extra “A”—

I am a brand and social media strategist (and of course introvert) from Harlem, New York. (Ayyyee)
For some of you, that probably didn’t add up. How does a professional who has built a business based on highlighting life in the public eye, identify as an introvert? How can an introvert successful?
For a long time, I ignored the signs and physical burnout due to fear that I would cripple my business and personal relationships. How were business deals or connections going to be made? How was my partner and friends going to feel when I said that I needed space? There were so many things to learn. Honestly, I am still learning.
I’m happy to have you join me on this journey.  Bring your close extroverts along too! I’ll be sharing some funny and inspiring pieces for my fellow introverts and the people who may be in love, likeness or business with them.
Photo by Siria Alvarez