So enjoy the journey while you paint a masterpiece.

I’m not sure we ever stop to enjoy where we are in the present.  Our state of mind is to get past what’s happening now to enjoy something in the future.  I spend my entire winter anticipating the spring/summer.  When do I get to enjoy the winter?  Am I celebrating the small wins that carried me through the season, or am I ignoring them in anticipation for something more appealing?

It is extremely important we appreciate the NOW.  The journey is to success is more important than success itself.  It’s in the now, on the journey, that you get to overcome challenges and learn about ourselves.  Don’t spend the entire season waiting for the next one.  Love where you are right now so that you can sit back and appreciate the lessons of your journey.  Imagine your present situation as a puzzle piece.  You can’t complete the puzzle without that specific piece.  How many puzzle pieces would be missing from your big picture because you’re not living in the moment?