So get some sleep!


Who remember’s the episode of Making the Band when Diddy made his artists walk from Manhattan to Junior’s Cheesecake Factory for a slice of cake?  For Diddy, that walk symbolized how hungry you were to get to where you wanted to go.  While each artist had their own personal feelings about walking from borough to borough, they eventually saw the bigger picture, which was success.  Success is definitely defined by the efforts you put into pursuing your dream.  It can take long hours and lots of work however, you won’t achieve that success by over-working yourself.  Contrary to popular beliefs, you can still be successful with a good night’s sleep.  You can still be hungry and well-rested.  Nothing good comes from having a cluttered brain and a tired body.  Whether you walk to Brooklyn for cheesecake or decide to stay up all night to complete a project, make sure you take time for yourself to refuel.  Your mental well-being is important!