Hijackers Road:


The latest viral Instagram and Pinterest memes confirmed the once implicit joke that extroverts hijack introverts as friends. In a recent article, “8 Signs You Are an Introvert Common Characteristics of Introverts By Kendra Cherry | Reviewed by Steven Gans, MD“, this “joke” was statistically proven to have more truth to it than fallacy. Fact is, 25-40% of the population identify as introverts. That’s a small community of people left to seek refuge in a steadily advanced and socially driven world. Though overwhelming, it is a common misconception that introverts don’t enjoy the company or vibes of our extroverted friends and family members. Truth remains that without their spontaneity on those random and forced meet ups, we would not have epic days that turned into nights to remember. It is important that we don’t prematurely outgrow each other. Advances are welcomed as long as boundaries are respected.

My Advice: Change the Wave Introverts require self-care and solo ventures for replenishment after enduring a constant overflow of energy from others. From time to time, consider inviting your introverted counterpart to meet-ups that feed the soul and refill the social reserve. Knowing that every day in corporate could feel like Friday the 13th, switch up your texting game by sharing an awesome resource like, “5 Ways to Find Balance in a Stressful Situation”.  After a long week of grinding, you can’t go wrong with inviting your friend to a local spa deal or yoga-sess from Groupon!

(And um, let your girl go home after she says it by the third time!)



“Hi, I’m the Equalizer”:
What was your last engagement with a long-time friend or family member like?  What role do you play out in the lives of people you engage with daily? Most introverts you meet identify with being the person in charge of teaching their extroverted friends how to maintain “self” and discover the value of turning inward. Because we spend a lot of time balancing our energy, we are constantly reminded on how to take care of ourselves.  As a result, we often act as the “equalizer” in the lives of those who seek the same road to solitude and self-awareness.

My Advice: Keep the Balance Opposites attract.  The introvert-extrovert union is very common because each personality is drawn to what they lack.  However it is important that each party be cognizant of the energy transferred between each other to prevent a relationship burn-out. For those day’s when you’re being sent to voicemail, you can find coping mechanism here: “Don’t Call Me, I’ll Text You: 6 Ways to Handle an Introvert on the Phone.”

Respecting boundaries and remaining open-minded to the journey will help you discover a higher level of understanding of your friend and a develop a better version of yourself in the process.

Through this blog series I hope to provide friendly advice on how to understand the introvert-extrovert relationship. Check out my last blog post, “Don’t Count Me Out.

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