Sadae here and I’m back online after taking a brief hiatus from the digital world. Since my last post, I have been in full-on birthday planning mode. In the past I can admit I was pretty hum-bum about my birthday. My fellow introverts can relate to the hopeful feeling that no one asks the dreadful question, “So, what are your birthday plans?” (just check this Quora thread if you need real life testimonials).

For me, the thought of planning anything, birthdays especially, literally brought on agita. Later, I realized it was because I was planning an event that appeased my guests versus myself. This year, I did the opposite and planned a birthday for myself first and invited my guests to some of the experiences. It’s my glo-up year. It was only right that I share the light with social media sisters and honorary “introverts” who give me life AKA inspiration while planning for the big 3-0.

Gang’s Night Out

@saintrecords, ” the gangs night out spam #family

Who doesn’t love a little “R&R” (ratchet and raging) with friends? I can’t tell if this was a secret celebration of some sort but this group just totally inspired me to reserve a car and go into the city for some spontaneous fun! *just one rule: keep the phones and cameras charged* Cancer season is approaching. Look-out for some light love from both myself and Solange.

Sidebar: I don’t know if any of these ladies are introverts, but they sure do give off the vibes of one.

Re-Treat Yourself

When Hannah Bronfman (DJ and brand ambassador to say the least) is not out living her best life, you can catch her at the gym, experiencing good eats or my fave, amazing retreats. Point is, if you need daily inspo, she’s one of the one’s to follow!

The Perfect Getaway


Siria Alvarez (Content Creator & Visual Story Teller) is a pure gem.  The bronx native and bomb-aXX photographer always finds the perfect bungalows in major and local cities not to mention, for the perfect weekend getaway.

Find Inspiration







Alex Elle is an inspirational, motivational, muva of self-love and self-care for women of color. Her words have pulled me thru so many emotions. More importantly, I learned the value of becoming my own best friend and standing firm in it, whatever “it” may be. Get yo’ life, if you don’t have your daily dose of Elle at least once a week.


Thanks to my fellow #IntrovertsNTheCity, Marsha and Cristina, their latest travel blogs have reminded me to plan experiences with a sense of purpose and to always share the gift of love where-ever I may land.


Here’s to a great year!