Personal space, time and energy can be pretty scarce, especially when your growing family lives in a humble two-bedroom apartment in Harlem.


Thankfully, I discovered the power of re-energizing environments as well as sound and aroma therapy earlier on in life. To this day the soothing sound of running bath water brings me peace. I feel nostalgic when the savory smells of my mother’s recipes pour out from my kitchen and fill our home. My entire being is recharged when I’m engulfed by nature and it’s purifying sounds. For me, my home is my haven and there’s no better escape.

Don’t get it twisted, none of this happened overnight. It took time and exposure to different methods and experiences to discover what magical formula would work best for my well-being. The journey isn’t over. Never stop seeking new opportunities to stimulate your mental and physical state.

Here are five ways you can hit re-start and recharge immediately:

Option: Use this as a four-five week wellness plan


Week One: Set a Calendar Reminder

Don’t let self-sabotage be the reason you mess up. Be accountable for your well-being by setting a daily alert/reminder to ensure that you stay on track of your self-care goals and any other obligations you may have. Size doesn’t matter here, ladies! Every step you take is a step towards a better you!  Celebrate your streaks and milestones.


Week Two: De-Clutter

Do you feel mentally drained? Don’t fight the urge to purge. Our bodies let us know when it is physically or mentally ready to purge thoughts and objects that affect our well-being. With Spring on the verge of going full bloom, it is the perfect time to take inventory of the clutter in your home and your mind. (Keep reading for ways to get your mind right and keep the juices flowing).


Week Three: Re-organize & Allocate Spaces

My home is functionally designed to meet the immediate needs of my family. We’re not Feng Shui’ing it, but in every room we’ve allocated space to encourage individual creativity, work, reading, journaling and meditation. For example, the dining room is for family dining and conversation but the bay window area is for reading and journaling.


Week Four: Scented Oil Baths & Body Scrub

What better way to close out a mini HGTV home revamp? Give yourself a pre-bath exfoliation with your best loofa. Cleanse your body of dead skin cells all while improving your blood circulation. Add peppermint or lavender oil to your bath for complete relaxation.


Week Four and Week Five: Change The Channel

What have you been listening to lately? Change the tone by changing your tunes. Try a new/inspiring podcast recommended by an influencer. Actually take a listen to the meditative tunes on that new meditation app you downloaded six months ago. Guard your ears and eyes; be mindful of what your listen to and watch.

Here are some useful reads to help assist you in resetting your mind!