I always thought in order to be humble you had to be quiet.

Have you ever downplayed your achievements in order to avoid sounding boisterous?  This idea can cause you to keep your accomplishments to yourself.  There were times in my life where I’d have major wins but keep them on the hush because I thought it was prideful to shine too bright.  “People will think I’m trying to outshine them if I talk about my achievements,” I’d say to myself.

When I launched Introvert N the City, I didn’t promote it the way I would for past events. I emailed a few friends, texted a few people and sent a post or two to my Instagram page.  “I’m being humble,” I thought.  I carried this unfortunate way of thinking throughout my life.  In general, my personality is very calm.  I’m not a person who likes to boast or brag, but sometimes it is important to speak about the things you’ve done.

Discussing your wins is NOT boasting or bragging.

Talking about your achievements will inspire others and help you recognize how blessed you are.  I learned a valuable lesson this weekend in silence vs. humility.  The world will convince you that it is humble to be quiet about what you’ve accomplished or what you dream to become.  Under no circumstances should you ever dim your God-given light to make others comfortable.  They will try their best to blow the flame that burns inside of you, but only YOU can allow that light to burn out.

Consider this: anything that you’ve completed has successfully transitioned from an idea to a fact.  When you think of your accomplishments, you’re now stating factual information of life events.  It is a fact that I worked today.  It is a fact that I am a published journalist.  It is a fact that I wrote and published my first book at the age of 30.  It is a fact that I created and launched a new website to that will taps into a new community.  Be comfortable and confident in all the facts in your life.

Let that light SHINE!

*Photo Credit- Dreamstime.com