But you can still donate!

Last night I hosted a fundraiser for my upcoming trip to Kenya.  As I mentioned before, I will be volunteering at a local school through the non-for-profit organization, Hope for the Child.  Beyond lending my time, I want to extend a check to help the children in the school receive things that we take for granted each day.  Water, food, school uniforms, school supplies, sports equipment and much more will be funded by the money raised.  While I didn’t reach my goal, I was able to raise over $500.   The total amount raised is $1,165!

Want to donate to the cause?  CLICK HERE

Take a look at some photos from the night.  Special thanks to The Gray Mare for providing the space.  Thank you to Smithsoneon of Freelance and Athen for performing.  Thank you Efe for blessing the stage with some African movement.



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