How do you set your goals?

We’re living in a world where people are becoming familiar with the power of manifestation, intentions and energy. Although these practices have been around for centuries, the community of people who implement them in their daily activities are growing at a rapid rate. As someone who has adopted these concepts to my lifestyle, it’s only right I’d create a vision board to help guide me down the road to success.
Vision boards are a great way to set intentions for your life. Visual representation of your goals help hold you accountable to achieving what you set out to do. The process of building a vision board is quite simple. Typically, you would comb through magazines and clip phrases, adjectives and photos of things that resonate with you. Glue or tape the clippings to a poster board and hang it in a sacred place. Hopefully, your vision board is the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning, and the last thing you see at night. Subconsciously, the images are imbedded in your mind and with the right attitude, you will do the necessary work to see those goals to fruition.
Marsha B., Owner of Introvert N the City and Cameil Ross, Owner of Sealed Clutch Sweat Studio
Vision boards are such a powerful tool to have in the advancement of your life. Because of that, I found it fitting to collaborate with my favorite fitness instructor, Cameil Ross of Sealed Clutch Sweat Studio, for an insightful vision board workshop. On Sunday, January 7th, 15 women gathered at Cameil’s swanky studio in Prospect Lefferts Gardens in efforts to jumpstart their goals for the New Year. In a roundtable discussion, each woman projected their 2018 goals and received great advice on how to achieve them. We welcomed guest speaker, Emi Valerio, who offered insight on how to make your board the most effective. Beyond the vision board, we were able to create a welcoming space for women to discuss their struggles without judgement. Not only did we walk away with a better idea of how to conquer 2018 confidently, we provided each other with great everyday tools to help us learn, develop and dominate our purpose.
Each attendee walked away with a gift box to assist in setting intentions for the New Year. A journal, to help document goals; sage, to cleanse all negative energy; and a heart shaped dish that represents love and prosperity.
See more highlights of the eventful afternoon below!
Attendees Maxine and Kym pose with guest speaker & author, Emi Valerio

Attendee Lanish A. won an Introvert N the City hoodie, “Say Yes to You” book and free entry to a Sealed Clutch fitness class
Attendee Kymberli S. won an Introvert N the City hoodie, “Say Yes to You” book and free entry to a Sealed Clutch fitness class

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