10 Things 2020 Taught Me So Far

Originally posted 09/15/2020

If 2020 taught me anything, it's to aspire to live my best life.  I spent so much time living in mediocracy until I recognized the power I had in changing the direction of my life. Once I became hip to words and energy, I made the necessary changes that focused on positivity. A simple shift in the way you view the world can work wonders on how you choose to live. Here are 10 tips I’ve adapted to my lifestyle that has helped me commit to living my best life.

Worry less and faith it more-
Anxiety is the devil. It will cause you to obsess over things that are completely out of your control.  Think about it, if it’s something you can control or change, is it worth worrying about it?  At some point, I realized if I can’t change it, I’ll let faith handle it.  There’s no room for both faith and fear.  Choose faith.
Stop caring about what other people think-
I used to care so much about what other people thought of me.  No one wants to be disliked.  But as I began to mature spiritually, I realized that some people aren’t meant to like you.  For some, you’re a reflection of where they want to be.  Maybe you remind them of someone from their past.  Whatever the case is, what other people think about you has nothing to do with you.
Go on vacation! Explore the world-
The world is HUGE.  I’ve learned so much about myself when I take the time to learn about and experience other cultures.  Save a few bucks each month and book a flight to a place you’ve never been before. With Covid on our radars, do some local exploring.
Disconnect from your phone every once in a while-
As an introvert, one of my biggest pet peeves is being so accessible to everyone via the phone.  If I missed your call, you can text me, email me, DM me and comment on my social media platforms.  Sometimes we need to disconnect from the phones and just enjoy the moment.
Live in your truth- 
There is nothing more beautiful than being who God created you to be.  Authenticity is extremely important when you want to live your best life.  No hiding, or denying who you are.  Acceptance of everything, including your flaws, gives you complete power.  I am who I am.
Be committed to your fullest potential-
Don’t settle for being mediocre.  If you know you’re capable of greatness, why settle for being good?  Explore your potential. Beyonce wouldn’t be where she was today if she didn’t aspire to be the best at what she does.  She examined her potential and decided not to settle for anything less that what she was capable of.
Learn that it’s okay to say no-
You can’t and won’t make everyone happy.  Know that saying no to someone else means you’re saying yes to you.  You run the risk of wearing yourself out if you’re busy taking care of everyone else and not yourself.  It’s okay to say no.
Be nice, dammit!
The energy you put out is the energy you get in return.  When you’re genuinely nice to others, it’s the ultimate testimony to how you’re living your life.
Don’t limit yourself-
Beyond the sky, lies the universe.  From outer space, you can observe the earth, the sky and planets that also orbit the sun.  The sky is NOT the limit.  We can go beyond if we choose to.
If there is something you want to do or become, the only obstacle that lies in your way is yourself.  You can literally do and become whatever and whomever you want to be, as long as you believe you can.
Sow good thoughts-
Get into the habit of planting good seeds about yourself and your future.  What you feed your mind is what will flourish.  Think you’re stupid? You’ll make stupid choices.  Think you’re bad with money? You’ll find yourself in debt.  But if you plant seeds of wisdom and financial abundance you will make better choices and have a better grip on your money.  You’re a product of what you think.  If you’re not recognizing the blessings in your life, it will directly contribute to you not living your best life.  I am blessed so I continuously attract blessings!  It’s not luck, it’s what I’ve attracted by living a life of gratitude.