3 Benefits of Burning Sage in Your Sanctuary

Originally posted 06/11/2020

How can you be your best self without cleansing your energy?

I burn sage for a variety of reasons.  When my energy is low, if I’ve been around a lot of people with negative energy, if I’ve had people in my home or if I’m not feeling like my best self.  Sage clears the contamination that negativity brings.  It’s like a shower for bad thoughts, energy and feelings.

For introverts, sage is important to keep handy.  I’ve made it a weekly ritual to burn sage (also known as smudging) on Sundays that way I can start the week on a good note.  Since we can’t force people to chew on a bark of sage (oh, how I wish we could), I make it a point to examine and address my own energy.  Here are 3 benefits of smudging.


1 Sage is known to cleanse up to 94% of bacteria in the air in 24 hours.

Moving into a new place? Burn some sage to get rid of bacteria AND energy.  Don’t limit your smudging to just open space, sage new items that come into your home.  If you purchase items from antique stores, it’s important to get rid of the energy that the items held prior to the arrival to it’s new home.

2   Burning sage can relax your energy and calm you down.

There is something about the smell that brings me to a complete calm.  Most people burn sage while they meditate or do yoga.  It is the perfect way to release negativity and welcome a peaceful state of mind.  It’s not called a natural anti depressant for nothing!

3 Sleep like a baby.

Of course you’ll get a good night’s sleep now that all that negative gunk is gone!  I get some of my best sleep when I burn sage at night.  I promise you’ll wake up refreshed, full of energy and ready to tackle the day!