6 Ways To Manifest What You Want In Life

Originally posted 7/22/2020

There are so many things I want to create for my life. For one, I'd like to have a healthy baby. With 37 on the horizon, I sometimes feel like my clock is ticking and I'm about to miss my window of opportunity. Two, I'd like to build several streams of passive income. I don't want to be reliant on a 9-5 job, especially if I have every intention of quitting it. I'd like to see Introvert N the City grow into a world-wide platform that reaches millions of people. Three, I'd like to experience the life as a wife. The idea of coming home to my wife and children is completely motivating! Through the power of manifestation, I am acquiring all of my desires.

So with all that I want to accomplish, how can I make it happen? Think of your life as a movie. Your thoughts are the script. Whatever you think is going to play out on screen, according the to script that you're writing for yourself. In order to get the things you want, there are certain strategies you can use to obtain them. Here's a quick lesson on how to manifest the life you want to live.

Write it down:

It's as simple as it sounds. Whatever it is that you want, write it down and put it somewhere that you can see it. Before I moved into this apartment, I lived in a tiny studio about a mile away. I had drug dealers outside of my window and I felt really unsafe. Once I decided I was going to leave, I took a piece of paper and wrote, "I will find the perfect apartment for me. It will be large enough for a baby, close to the train, safe, and affordable." I got EXACTLY what I asked for.

Make a Vision Board:

Vision boards are a great tool for manifesting long-term goals. Simply place the physical representation of what you want to achieve on a board and hang it up in your room. Most people use magazine clippings, others use actual photos, some default to words. What ever works for you! Hang your vision board in a place where you will see it daily. Over time, you'll start to see that the things on your vision board have slowly manifested into reality.

Visualize it:

Daydreaming might be a fun pastime, but it's also a way to manifest what you want. Visualizing you goals and dreams throughout the day, is a great way to bring them to fruition. Two of the best times to visualize your goals, are right before bed, and when you first wake up. During these times, your subconscious is the most impressionable.

5 X 55:

The 5 X 55 method requires you to do some work. Over the span of 5 days, write your goal or affirmation 55 times. That's right. Do it 55 times, 5 days in a row, consecutively. For example, "I love my new job! I feel valued and I am making tons of money!" Do that 54 more times for 4 additional days.

Set intentions:

Every new and full moon, I take the time to think about what I want to create for the month. These two-week intervals allow me to be intentional about what I want to manifest, and keep track of the progress. I set intentions by saging my space, burning some candles, lighting some incense, and writing down everything I wish to accomplish with the new or full moon energy.

17 Seconds of Purity:

Did you know it's more difficult to think positively than it is to think negatively? For some, you can immediately rationalize all the reasons why your dreams won't or can't manifest. "But I'm not qualified for that job," or "I'm too fat to find a loving partner," or what ever objections you use, will interfere with what you're trying to manifest. If our mind is constantly preoccupied with those thoughts, how are we making room for the positive ones?

17 seconds of purity basically means that for 17 seconds, you hold a pure, positive thought. This will set manifestation in motion. For 17 seconds you focus on something you want to achieve, something you want to feel, or something you want revealed. Don't allow any distractions. Once your 17 seconds have commenced, do it again.


For one month straight, try one of these manifestation methods. Hell, try them all! Leave a comment to let me know how they've been working for you.