Beauty in Numbers: An Explanation to Those Re-occurring Numbers You’re Seeing

Originally posted 6/23/2020 

Because believe it or not, the Universe is trying to talk to ya.

When you decide to take control of your life and thought-process, you’ll begin to notice the Universe seek out interesting ways to send you a message.  Angel Numbers are a sequence of numbers used by the Universe to communicate with you.  They don’t occur by accident.  Whatever the numbers are, know that there is a deeper meaning to them and that’s why they continue to cross your path.  If you’re interested in numerology and want to know exactly what they Universe is trying to say to you, then this article will give you the tools to join the conversation.  Please note, these numbers are to prepare you for what’s to come.  The more you see them, the more aware you become.

For a while, I’d see a pattern of numbers reveal itself to me.  Specifically, I’d always notice 11:09, my date of birth.  Pay attention to when you see your birthday show up in different forms.  Generally speaking, the representation of your DOB means that you’re on the right track.  In those moments of discouragement when you think, “What is my purpose? What am I doing with my life? Why aren’t things working in my favor?” know that the reoccurrence of your birthday confirms that you’re on the right path.  Keep moving towards the goal and be patient.This is a sign of encouragement.

When you hear 911, you think of an emergency, danger or caution.  It is safe to assume the same thing if you see this number reoccurring in your life.  It can serve as a warning for many things. Perhaps you don’t have the right people around you.  Maybe you should trust that gut feeling you’ve been having about a certain situation.  Whatever it is, be on high alert when it comes to your surroundings or the people around you.  Observe the energies.  Are they off?  911 encourages you to be aware.

111 means that you should be stepping back from people or things that may serve as a distraction in tackling the goals that you set for yourself.  Time to refocus!  You’re walking into a period of heightened creative energy and you can’t produce if you’re distracted.  Embrace this time so that you can get shit done!  Become your most productive self by throwing your energy into your purpose, dreams or goals.

If you see 11:11 frequently, that means you’re manifesting the seeds that you’ve sowed in the now.  Whether you’ve planted seeds of wealth and prosperity or seeds of poverty and lack, when you see re-occurring 11:11’s that means the energy you’ve put out is actively coming your way, NOW.  This can be good or bad, depending on your thought process.

222 means that things in your life are balanced or are in need of balance.  It’s usually a moment of stillness.  It is time to address the things that are out of whack. Examine where you are in life.  Look at the stress and see how you can find balance by removing the stressor.   If life is full of peace and harmony, take this time to appreciate the stillness.

222 can also mean that your soulmate is on their way, you’re about to collaborate with others or maybe you need to ask for support in a certain situation.  You can find balance when you stop taking everything on and learn to delegate tasks to someone else who can help you.

333 is known as the Trinity.  The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Seeing 3’s in sequence means you’re supported by Divine Spiritual Beings.  They’re helping you through life and They’re in tune with your prayers.  In my opinion, this is happening regardless but seeing 333 is a confirmation that it is occurring.  During moments of discouragement, 333 may show itself to you as a reminder that God is with you and He has heard your prayers.

333 can also mean that you should mediate more.  What part of spirituality have you been attracted to lately?  Dive into what your mind has been gravitating to.  Explore building a deeper connection now that you know you have God’s full attention.

444 means that your guardian angels want to build a deeper connection with you.  They want you to become more familiar with their energy.  This can be achieved through a guided meditation.  Tuning into them will make communication easier.  Beyond numerology, messages will show up in different ways when you open the lines of communication.

555 wants to prepare you for the change that is coming your way. Change will occur at a rapid pace and there is nothing you can do about it.  During this time it is important to prepare yourself with meditations and affirmations.  Change can be good or it can be bad.  Either way, you want to make sure you’re mentally and spiritually prepared.  Take it as a warning to start getting grounded now.

Contrary to popular belief, 666 is not negative or scary. Don’t allow the movies to cause fear when it comes to this number.  That emotion would be counterproductive to your prosperity.   666 is the number of optimism, abundance and wealth.  This sequence is closely associated with your root chakra which is also associated with earth energy which is grounded in wealth and abundance.  If you’re seeing this sequence, know that abundance is coming your way!

666 also signifies sexuality.  You could be in for an amazing sexual experience or sexual relationship.  Go you!!  The number 6 looks like a pregnant person so it can be an indicator that a baby is on the way or you’re open to it.

777 is all about spiritual evolution.  You’re growing in your spiritual life.  Even when you’re experiencing the blocks that feel like you’re not in tune with your spiritual journey, 777 confirms that everything is just fine.  Find patience and trust the process.  If you’ve been putting your spiritual life to the side, 777 can also mean that maybe you need to get back on track and acknowledge your higher self.

888 represents the prosperity that is on its way to you.  If you’ve been toying with the idea of trying something new, know that you’re fully supported.  Go for that thing that you’ve always wanted to do.  Create that new thing that you’ve been thinking about.  What ideas have you been interested in but avoiding?  You will be prosperous in it!

999 is the number of completion.  This usually means something is coming to an end or you have to put to something an end.  Are you unhappy at work, school or in a relationship?  This doesn’t mean that you should quit your job, drop out of school or break up with your partner, but consider examining whatever is fueling the issue that needs to end.  So for school, what is the stressor that needs to be addressed?  Maybe declare a new major? Drop a class? Ask yourself what needs to end? Is it a behavior? The issue at hand will end one way or another.  It’s easier if you end it on your terms.