Birthday Reflections: Chapter 36 Was a Transformative Year!

Originally posted 11/09/2020

This time last year, I was in Portugal with my mother celebrating my 36th rotation around the sun. I had no idea what year 36 would bring, but I was feeling pretty optimistic about the next 365 days. I had NO IDEA 36 would this meaningful for my growth and development.

This year I allowed myself to stretch is so many ways. I loved and lost. Still recovering from that one and learning to be gentle with myself and give myself grace. I walked away from a somewhat stable job that paid me lots of money to explore a profession that aligns more who who I'm growing into. I gave up Introvert N the City so that I could dedicate more time to freelancing and making more money. I was later encouraged by the Spirit to breathe new energy into my brand. I started a podcast, added a store, and become more focused on developing something that could really shift the world.

I rediscovered my confidence. I hated taking pictures and pushing images of myself on social media. I took time to look inward and really detail all the things that make me beautiful and worthy of all the good things life has to offer. I began to take better care of myself. My diet shifted and I released 20 lbs.

My spirituality has developed immensely. I'm on this journey that has me exploring my full potential as an energy healer. I became a Reiki practitioner, and I hope to start practicing sometime next year. Introvert N the City continues to grow and I'm following it's lead.

I've literally watch my life grow and shift each passing day. The gratitude that I feel is really unspeakable. My heart is full and I can't wait to see what else the Universe has in store for me.

I want to thank each and every person who has supported me by listening to my podcast, reading my blog posts, purchasing an affirmation deck, or simply rooting me on. Your energy was felt and appreciated. Like a boomerang, I'm sending that energy back to you, tenfold!

To celebrate my big day, I'm gifting you all with 20% off of the Introvert N the City shop!

Use code: HBDMarsha

Thank you for rockin' out with me!