I Quit (again)! Here's How Quitting My Full-Time Job Allowed Me To Walk In My Purpose

Originally posted 11/3/2020

A few years ago I walked away from my position as a Social Media Manager at a not for profit organization. I had worked for them since 2011 and by 2018, it was time to move on. I spent the year traveling, freelancing, and trying to figure out my next move. It was late December when my former supervisor phoned me and asked what I thought about returning to my old position. At the time, all my freelancing prospects dried up so I took it as a sign to go back to something safe and stable.

That safety net carried me for an additional 2 years. I was so appreciative to have stable employment that I put Introvert N the City on the shelf. I thought, "I'll work this job, get married, have some children and have a 'normal' life."

I really thought that.

The thing is, when you're starving your spirit from living in it's purpose, you end up living a very mundane, unfulfilling life. Here I was, working for an organization that brought me little to no joy. My creative outlet was starving and I needed to address that ASAP.

Once COVID came along, it put things into perspective for me. Life is short, and it's purpose is honestly to live a life that feeds your soul. In June of 2020, I made up my mind and decided I needed to walk away from my position.

In August I gave my notice and in October, I accepted an offer to become an editor for Hello Beautiful. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I'm an editor. Not only does this career move align more with who I am, it is an opportunity I created for myself.

You hold the power.

Life is a blank canvas and your thoughts are the paint brush. What reality are you going to create?

I freelanced for Hello Beautiful for about a year before they offered me the editor position. In my mind, I knew this was something I'd be great at. I knew the exposure would be amazing for my personal growth, as well for the growth of my brand, I also knew that my work ethic would speak for itself. Nothing is more important to me than my own personal growth and success. That's my paint brush.

Can you imagine all that you could achieve if you cleaned off your paint brush and painted your reality? What would that look for you? Remember, you hold the power. What steps can you make from freeing yourself from things that don't serve you so that you can live in your purpose?