Monday Mantra: Affirm, Believe, Expect, Receive


Originally posted 7/13/2020

The universe responds to the vibrations you put out into the world. The life you’re currently living is a direct reflection of your thoughts. Sometimes we get into ruts and allow thoughts that don’t serve us to take over. When that happens, follow this formula to help you manifest the life you want to live.


What is it that you want? Wealth? Good health? A loving relationship? Declare it! I am abundant in all areas of my life. I am attracting loving relationships into my life. There is so much power in “I am” statements. “I am” makes your declaration current. “I will” makes your declaration an action that has yet to occur. I am losing weight is more powerful than I will lose weight. You want to affirm everything as if it is already manifesting itself in your life, that way you can attract more of it. Affirm it with joy, love and gratitude.


It’s one thing to say an affirmation, it’s another thing to believe it. Don’t affirm something to be true and then follow it up with doubt. Why ask for something you don’t believe you will receive? If you make an affirmation, believe it otherwise you’re wasting energy. Who has time to affirm things only to convince yourself it won’t happen? That’s a lot of negative brain power being wasted because of seeds rooted in scarcity. SHIFT to a new possibility.


After you say your affirmation and believe it’ll happen, prepare yourself to see it come to fruition. Are you affirming a new job? “I am attracting the perfect employer that will give me a substantial income and amazing health benefits.” How do you wait in expectancy? Dress as someone who works at the job. Groom yourself as you would if you already had the job. Purchase the suit that you would wear to your first day of work.

Please note: there should be some action that goes into manifesting. You can affirm a new job, believe it will happen, but if you don’t apply for different positions, how will it happen? You can affirm you’ll win the lottery, believe it will happen, but if you never buy a ticket, how will it happen? Back your affirmations, beliefs and expectations up with ACTION!


That’s easy. Receive your new job, relationship, financial abundance or whatever you’ve affirmed with gratitude. A thankful heart will attract more blessings.