Monday Mantra: In Order To Be Limitless, You Must Relinquish Control

Originally posted 7/27/2020

How could I possibly live in a limitless world, if I put limits on myself and my opportunities?

For a long time I thought I lived a limitless life. Limitless in the sense that I knew I could achieve anything I wanted. There is absolutely nothing we can’t do on this earth. Beyond the sky lies the universe. The possibilities to what we can create are endless.  Usually, I’d speak of my “limitless” abilities when it came to my career. Anything outside of that didn’t hold much importance. I’m dating someone special, I have few solid friendships, and a great family life. All I needed was the career to align with the rest of my life and I’d be golden; or so I thought.
This past weekend I had a conversation with a friend. When asked to describe my vision, I said limitless. That’s what I believed. So when I heard my friend say that I was limiting myself by my controlled behavior, it awakened a piece of me that acknowledged the truth.
Limitless by definition means without end, limit or boundary. When I took a deeper look at my life, I realized that I limited my interactions with others and how they communicated with me. I limit how close people are allowed to get to me, which resulted in me becoming a guarded person. The truth is, I was completely controlled and limited in all areas of my life.
In order to be limitless, you have to let go of control. I can't possibly explore a limitless life if I am putting limits on myself and my abilities.