Monday Mantra: Remove NEED from Your Vocabulary

Originally posted on 7/6/2020

Because need suggests you’re lacking something.

Your speech has lots of power over your existence. It affects the energy you put out, what you attract and how you’re received in the world. Growing up, when I’d ask my mother to buy me something, she’d question, “do you need it? or do you want it?” There’s a big difference. Need implies lack or a feeling of not having enough. Usually if you need something, it’s because you’re running low or without.

Speaking from a place of lack will attract a feeling of not having enough. Something as simple as saying, “I need more money,” can set you up for failure because you will continue to need what you feel you don’t have enough of. Instead of attracting what you feel you need, shift to declaring that you already have it. Statements like, “I have a lucrative business,” or “I have loving relationships in my life,” will force the universe to turn them into reality. Focus on what you want to have so that you can bring it into your life.

The universe responds solely to what you put out there. If things aren’t going the way you’d want them to, examine your thought process. Are you inserting “need” or “can’t” where there should be “have” and “can”? Time to make a change!!