Monday Mantra: What You Reject In Others Is Your Mirror

Originally posted 8/10/2020

A mirror isn't the only place you can find your reflection.

I've done a lot of work when it comes to examining myself and my intentions. I pay close attention to how my spirit reacts to the people around me. As an introvert, I find myself seriously affected by people who are louder, more social, or full of energy. Whenever I'd find myself in the company of someone who was more "out there" than I was, I'd instantly get annoyed. My conclusion would always be that the person was "too much" or "too over-the-top" for me.

As I gave it more thought, I realized there is absolutely nothing wrong with someone's ability to be louder, more social, or full of energy. Subconsciously my spirit was rejecting the qualities I saw in others that I desired for myself. Essentially, the person served as my mirror. Their personality or actions invoked a reaction in me. This honestly said more about me than it did about the other person. For some reason, I felt uncomfortable around people who had more of an outgoing personality because it reminded me that I wasn't as outgoing as I would like to be.

When I became more aware of how people served as a mirror for me, it forced me to address those parts of myself that felt like they were lacking. It also caused me replace those feelings of hidden admiration for open appreciation. Now don't get me wrong, sometimes your energy will decrease around others because they're seriously an asshole. That's not a reflection of you, that's their own stuff that they're working through.

Pay close attention to how you react to people. When they share their wins with you, are you genuinely happy for their success? When they tell you about their relationship, do you feel happy for them? Or do you find yourself annoyed with their situation? People are our mirrors.