Monday Mantra: Where's the Grace?

Originally posted 8/24/2020

I preach all day about giving grace when grace is due.

I forgot to include myself in that equation though.

Last week I launched the #MindfulMoonDeck. I was so excited because it was a passion project of mine. I wanted to create something that would be out in the world, inspiring others to be their best. After posting a teaser photo of the deck, I was met with such an overwhelming response. It made me push my launch date from 8/24 to 8/14.
The people wanted the deck, and I was going to give them the deck!
I had so many expectations for the launch date. I was so hyped, I almost ordered another case of decks to prepare for selling out of my first shipment. Then I had the expectation of selling out on the first day. Then the first weekend. But when Monday morning came and I still had 13 decks remaining, I was disappointed.
I was telling my friend Samjah and she gave me the ultimate reality check. “Marsha, give yourself some grace! You sold through more than half of your inventory in 2 days.”
Umm, yea. I did. That’s major. I had people I’ve never met purchase my #MindfulMoonDeck. I shipped one deck to Canada. I’ve mailed packages to people all over the U.S. My words are inspiring someone right now as they pull a card from the deck that I created.
I’ve said this before, and maybe this time I’m saying it for myself but it’s so important to celebrate every win. Small wins roll into big wins and grace and gratitude is what will help you recognize them.
That said, you can shop my deck HERE!