Monday Mantra: You Can Be Positive And Outraged At The Same Time

Originally posted 6/25/2020

When I had the MarshBar's Closet blog, I started a weekly series called, Monday Words of Inspiration. When I transitioned to the Introvert N the City platform, those weekly posts became Monday Mantra. More than ever in today's world, we could use a high dosage of positivity. I mean, we're in the middle of a pandemic and race war. We still have children in cages that no one talks about anymore. The trans community is being killed at an alarming rate, and the outrage is minimal. Black women are still being treated as an afterthought, and that is draining.

Tired ain't the word.

I saw a meme the other day that criticized people who live by the "positive vibes" mentality. So... negative vibes is what you want? The logic was that you can't be positive and outraged at the same time. If you are always positive, there's no room for other emotions. There's also a belief that constantly maintaining a positive attitude is toxic. In general, too much of anything is no good, but it is healthier for me to see the good in things while remaining realistic, than to be concerned with the bad.

Being positive does not mean you're incapable of feeling any other emotion out there. It doesn't negate sadness, anger, jealousy, fear, or anxiety. A positive attitude means despite those feelings, you ultimately believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Let's take the current world climate for example. I am completely angry and outraged that in 2020, we're still dealing with racism. My blood boils every time I witness a Karen use her privilege to make a Black person feel inferior. These racial injustices emotionally and mentally abuse BIPOC. My outlook is the more we fight, the more we share videos and information, the more we raise awareness on racism in America, the more opportunities there will be for change. Will we change the minds of every racist out there? No. Will we evoke change? Absolutely. That means we continue to protest. We continue to demand justice. We don't stop until things shift. The hope for change is what projects a positive outcome.

Highlighting the good doesn't mean you're ignoring the bad. Energy will flow to whatever you focus on the most.