My Apartment Went From Ashy To Classy! Take a Tour

After 7 years in a relationship, I woke up one day and decided I had to put myself first. It was one of the most amicable breakups I’ve ever had. We lived together at the time in this huge, 2 bedroom apartment in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. Because we were on good terms, there was no friction with me still living there. For her, it made no sense for me to leave. For me, it was vital to me really exploring what it meant to prioritize myself. I made the decision to find my own place.

Studio Apartment Studio Apartment[/caption]

A few months after our breakup, I moved into a studio not too far away. It was a tiny spot, but I was able to make it my own. I moved in the wintertime so the neighborhood was generally quiet. Once the weather hit 50 degrees, I realized I lived directly in front of a drug hub in Flatbush. Yes, directly outside of my front window was a trap van with drug dealers and drug addicts, reminiscent of the New Jack City movie. I would hear fights in the middle of the night, see undercover officers take down addicts, and observe transactions as I walked into my building. I had to go. After numerous 311 calls, and complaints to my management company, I let them know I’d be breaking my lease. In response, they let me know I’d still be responsible for paying the rent for the rest of my lease term. I honestly didn’t care. I had the money, I was going to do what I had to do to live comfortably.

[caption id="attachment_4105" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Studio Apartment Studio Apartment[/caption]

I inquired about a few apartments before a broker reached out to me about this huge one bedroom in Midwood, Brooklyn. It was about a 30 minute walk from my studio so I decided to take a stroll over there. I really wanted to observe the neighborhood to make sure there were no trap vans hidden around the corner. When I first entered the apartment I was floored. This place was HUGE! The living room alone was the size of my studio. This was a diamond in the rough. It was big, but it needed work. The kitchen had this horrible wall paper from he 70’s. The tiles on the floor were old and dirty. The walls honestly had never been painted since the tenant first moved in, 20 years ago. There were holes in the wall, a roach infestation, broken light fixtures, you name it, they had it. The broker let me know this apartment was being rented “as is” so all my requests for the apartment to be improved were denied. I prayed long and hard about whether or not I should take this place. It was going to be a financial investment and I wasn’t fond of spending so much on a place I didn’t own. I adjusted to my abundance mindset. You have the money. You want to live comfortably. You will live here for as long as the universe will have you here. An investment in this apartment is an investment in you. I signed the lease, but not before I let the management company know that it is illegal to rent an apartment that hasn’t been painted within the last couple of years. God knows I didn’t want to paint this big place by myself. They didn’t care.

I got the keys to my apartment in October, 2019. Since then I’ve fumigated, painted, retiled the dining room, kitchen and bathroom floors, stripped the wall paper in the kitchen, spackled the holes, and so much more. I had to do everything on a budget because I still had to pay 2 months rent at my old spot, while paying rent at my new place. Then there were moving costs, first month’s rent, security, and brokers fee. And paint. Paint isn’t cheap, especially when the apartment is gigantic. All the money, and energy I put into this place was completely worth it. I am in love with where I live and I honestly don’t ever want to leave!

I’d like to think that I manifested this apartment. I wrote down on a piece of paper, “I will attract the perfect apartment for me. It will be in the perfect location. It will be safe and affordable.” I got exactly what I asked for. If I didn’t shift into my abundance mindset, I could’ve possible lost out on an amazing living space. As far as rent goes, I only pay $55 more than I was paying in my studio. This apartment is 4x bigger.

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