My Ivy Park Jumpsuit Was Too Damn Tight

Originally posted 11/12/2020

That's it. That's the post.

When Ivy Park first launched in 2016, I told myself I would not jump on the bandwagon. The pieces were cute, but I didn't feel like buying into the hype. Let's fast forward to Beyonce's most recent launch that sent the internet, myself included, into a frenzy.

From the colors, to the separates, I was impressed and all the way prepared to throw a few dollars in the direction of the Adidas store. I decided to treat myself to the Ivy Park Knit Catsuit in green and yellow.

First of all, it is tight as all hell. I felt like a stuffed pickle. I was so uncomfortable, but my friends wouldn't let me return it so I sucked it up and wore it anyway. I think a huge part of my discomfort was adjusting to a body that recently released 20 lbs. Despite the weight loss, the jumpsuit was too tight to be damned and I will likely never wear it again.

What was I thinking? Where do you wear something like this anyway?

In any case, that was the only item from the collection that I purchased. I get the hype. I won't buy into it again though!