Step Your Money Up: 5 Crystals That’ll Help You Manifest Abundance

Originally posted 6/15/2020

Because there is nothing like manifesting abundance.

You’re only as rich as you feel.  Believe it or not, the world is full of unclaimed money.  Our thoughts hinder us from manifesting the financial abundance that we want.  Living in a lack mindset is something we’ve all adjusted to. “I can’t go because I’m broke,” or “That’s too expensive,” are phrases we have to throw out of our vocabulary.  Not only are they hindering your journey to manifesting a fruitful life, they attract a lifestyle that isn’t conducive to your mental well being.  Imagine where else you’re experiencing a lack because you feel there is not enough?  Besides changing your mindset to realize there is more than enough to go around, carrying crystals and stones with qualities of attracting financial abundance will push you in the right direction.

Crystals and stones have natural healing properties that help guide you along life’s journey.  Whether you’re trying to attract love, peace, financial abundance or prosperity, a crystal that is set with the proper intentions will act as a magnet to your desires.  There are some crystals/stones that are used to specifically attract abundance.  Here are 5 crystals that will help you attract and keep a financially fruitful life.


Pyrite, often referred to as fool’s gold, is known for having money-making properties.  Keep your crystal next to you throughout your work day.  The energy that it brings will align you with success, wealth, prosperity and protect you from negativity.  Pyrite stimulates both the sacral and solar plexus chakras.  This will give you the will power to make things happen for yourself.


Citrine is a stimulator to creativity, abundance, success, love and prosperity.  The stone is known to help acquire and maintain wealth.  Focus your time and effort on your dreams, and Citrine will assist in drawing success forward.  The stone is associated with the solar plexus chakra.  This will help you activate your will power and reach achievements in your everyday life.


Clear Quartz is a crystal that every person should have in their home.  Beyond it’s manifesting properties, it is known to be the master stone for healing.  In terms of success, Quartz can be beneficial around starting a new business.  The crystal is said to have intuitive energies that can help guide you during important decisions.  I’ve heard that if you put Quartz on a stack of bills, it will help in returning your money tenfold.  Need another reason to own this crystal?  It is associated with all the chakras.


Aventurine has been dubbed the stone of opportunity.  It is known for being the lucky stone that attracts wealth, prosperity and good fortune.  If you’re trying to break bad habits and create new ones, keep aventurine in your pocket.  It will assist you in releasing habits that do not serve you so that you can make room for new opportunities.  Associated with the heart chakra, aventurine stimulates love and emotions.  This will help you to release money with love and joy, knowing it will return to you tenfold.


Labradorite is known as the stone of transformation.  For those looking to change or transform their financial situation, this stone is one that should be added to your collection.  Not only will your finances change, it will help you grow into the person you are supposed to be.  In addition to attracting an abundant and thriving bank account, it also works to repel misfortune by providing guidance with business decisions. Labradorite is associated with the throat chakra, which creates balance throughout the body.  Balance within equals balance in your life.


I don’t know about you, but I firmly believe that we were put on this earth to live abundant lives.  Pair your crystals with positive affirmations and a can-do attitude and you’ll be financially free in no time!