Straight Pride Should Never Be A Thing, Ahhkay?

Originally posted 6/25/2020

As we embark on the end of Pride month, we remember all the people who have lost their lives for living in their truth. For some reason, society has taken interest in who we decide to love. While scrolling on Instagram one day, I came across a post of a new symbol that represents straight pride. To me, straight pride is the equivalent of white pride. Taking a group that is the majority and adding an advocacy component to it, walks the fine line of becoming a hate group.  You're no longer celebrating what makes you different but highlighting why you reign supreme.

As an African American lesbian living in New York City, I find that despite our welcoming, inclusive and liberal way of life, we still fall short of accepting everyone as they are.  The typical heterosexual couple can get married and decide to adopt children with ease.  They'll go through a lengthy background check to assure they're mentally stable, financially secure and have never been convicted of any crimes that would deem them unfit to raise a child.  For homosexual couples, their means of adoption aren't as simple.  While the adoption laws for same-sex couples vary from state to state, the process is subject to longer background checks and unnecessary restrictions.  This contributes to same-sex couples avoiding the adoption route because of the endless discrimination that they face. For example in Florida, it is prohibited for any homosexual to adopt a child and/or adopt your partner's biological child.  Straight pride is evident when a heterosexual couple can receive a standard background check for adoption and a homosexual couple can be denied simply because of who they choose to love.  

In a world that honors heterosexual marriage and adoption, there is no need for a symbol to show pride in privilege. You're not harassed, raped, killed, assaulted etc for being straight. When your wife or partner gives birth, she is welcomed in the delivery room. Your sexuality isn't used against you when it comes to adopting children. You aren't subjected to ridicule for serving in the military.  You don't have to seek extra protection in jail for identifying as a member of the LGBTQ community.  Your sexuality plays no parts when you donate blood. Life was designed for you as the majority. 

A straight pride symbol is damaging to those who identify as members of the LGBTQ family.  We are viewed as a super power to countries all over the world, yet we manage to treat everyone who doesn't fit into America's ideal Barbie and Ken role as second-class citizens.  We are living in a generation of dreamers and doers.  We have birthed future leaders, advocates and philanthropists.  We have the power to change the world and create equality so that all groups have the same rights as the majority.  Do we want to continue to move backwards by putting a symbol on privilege?  In a country that was designed for Barbie and Ken let's be the spark that makes room for us all, equally.