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365+ Days Of Growth

Originally posted 08/02/2021 *Peaks in* Alright... I know it's been a while. I know. I haven't been too active on my website, but that's because I've been busy crushing shit in the real world. Since my last blog entry I became a certified reiki practitioner, I launched another deck, I had a bunch of career wins like interviewing Meagan Good and writing the cover story for HelloBeautiful, and I've also landed some amazing speaking engagements. I wouldn't say I've been too busy to blog, but I reallocated my creative juices to other areas. Professionally, things have been on the up and up. Working as a full-time editor has been rewarding because it provides me the space to promote Black women...

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Birthday Reflections: Chapter 36 Was a Transformative Year!

Originally posted 11/09/2020 This time last year, I was in Portugal with my mother celebrating my 36th rotation around the sun. I had no idea what year 36 would bring, but I was feeling pretty optimistic about the next 365 days. I had NO IDEA 36 would this meaningful for my growth and development. This year I allowed myself to stretch is so many ways. I loved and lost. Still recovering from that one and learning to be gentle with myself and give myself grace. I walked away from a somewhat stable job that paid me lots of money to explore a profession that aligns more who who I'm growing into. I gave up Introvert N the City so that...

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What Are Your Angel Numbers? The Significance Behind 717

Originally posted 7/9/2020 I posted recently about the reoccurring numbers you may see throughout a season in your life. I kept it general by highlighting common numbers. What happens when the numbers you see are a bit more specific? For the last 2 years, I've seen 717 on a consistent basis. I always seem to pick up my phone at 7:17 or come across a phone number with 7:17 in it. In life, I'm always sure to examine the reoccurring themes because they almost always symbolize something. Whenever I'm confronted with my angel number, I reflect on my current thoughts. What was I experiencing in the moment? What conversation, internal or external, took place? What was I listening to at...

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