Tory Lanez Is A Perfect Example Of Toxic Male Energy


Originally posted 7/17/2020

I'll be honest, when it comes to music, I'm not well versed. I'm stuck in the 80's, 90's and 00's, when music had some substance. That said, I have minimal reference points when it comes to Meg thee Stallion and Tory Lanez.

Although I don't listen to their music, I also don't live under a rock. I recently heard about an incident where Tory got arrested, Meg got shot, and the internet was ready to track Kylie Jenner down because apparently she was there.

In developing news, it was revealed that Tory shot Meg in the foot. Both Tory and Meg hang out on a regular basis. They often go live together on Instagram and there is a meme of them laughing it up like old friends. That said, what would lead Tory to shoot his friend?

What in the 'toxic masculinity' is going on here? Can you imagine riding in a car with someone you trust and they suddenly shoot you in the foot? While I don't have the details on what happened, what could Meg have possibly said that would lead to that kind of assault? It is so sad the way women are treated in this day and age. This is a prime example of toxic male energy.

Now unless Meg had a gun and pulled it out on Tory, in other words, unless Tory was defending his own life, there is absolutely no reason he should be waving a gun and shooting it in his friend's direction. With friends like that, you'll never need an enemy a day in your life. I may not know the details of what happened, but I can smell the toxicity from a mile away. Nothing she could've said should warrant bullet wounds. Words don't need to be met with gunfire.

Black women have been on the front lines, advocating for the protection of Black men. All we ask in return is that you protect us. Don't shoot us in the foot, don't throw us in the trash, don't harass us when we kindly or not so kindly reject you. Just be a decent human being. Is that too much to ask for?

Meg released a statement that said this incident was an eye opener for her. I imagine so! The lack of self control and emotional control has been and continues to be dangerous for many women. I am praying for her speedy recovery.