What Are Your Angel Numbers? The Significance Behind 717

Originally posted 7/9/2020

I posted recently about the reoccurring numbers you may see throughout a season in your life. I kept it general by highlighting common numbers. What happens when the numbers you see are a bit more specific?

For the last 2 years, I've seen 717 on a consistent basis. I always seem to pick up my phone at 7:17 or come across a phone number with 7:17 in it. In life, I'm always sure to examine the reoccurring themes because they almost always symbolize something. Whenever I'm confronted with my angel number, I reflect on my current thoughts. What was I experiencing in the moment? What conversation, internal or external, took place? What was I listening to at the time? This, along with the significance of the angel numbers, help provide clarity or confirmation to current situations.

The angel number will continue to show up until you've journeyed through that specific phase in your life. Recognizing that, I'll say the journey to strengthening my spiritual connection with the Universe as well as my voyage to financial independence, began once I started seeing 717. There was also a heavy emphasis on my career. My future goals were in question.

The 717 angel number means that new beginnings or opportunities are presenting themselves in my life that will align me with my divine purpose. It also symbolizes spiritual growth.

I mean... Hello?!

For the last few years I've been developing a brand with a mission to inspire others to live to their fullest potential. The confirmation I receive every time 717 appears on my radar is comforting. I assume once I reach the next phase in my life, my angel numbers will shift to something else to assist with that journey.


In honor of my angel numbers, I decided to launch the first episode of the Introvert N the City podcast on 7/17 at 7pm. After the launch, weekly episodes will drop every Thursday at 7pm. Our first episode will include Janine Owens, renowned Energy Healer from Atlanta, GA. We will discuss the upcoming new moon, it's energy, and how to set intentions for it.