My name is Marsha, and I’m obsessed with Teyana Taylor

It’s a mild obsession. I’ve gone to every single concert she’s ever had in NYC just to stand on my tippy toes near the front of the stage and awkwardly sway (off beat) to her songs. While at a concert, I met Avielle Amor, a social media influencer, host and natural hair guru, who shared the same infatuation that I did. Avielle was my polar opposite. Her confidence was just as radiant as her warm personality.  While I stood there awkwardly singing along, she smiled and danced with the people next to her.

After the concert, she waited around for her friend, the makeup artist that beat Teyana’s face that night. We waited for hours for a possible chance of meeting her but unfortunately, she was tired and heading back home with her baby. I was bummed. First of all, Teyana had me out in these streets past 11pm. It was damn near 1am and I had to work in the morning. Secondly, did I mention it was late?

My next run in with Teyana was at an event back in Dec of 2016. She was being honored for the amazing year she just had. I knew for sure this was my opportunity to talk to her. I don’t know what I was going to say, but I was going to say something, dammit. As security whisked her through the crowd, I rehearsed the script in my head. “Hey TT!” I’d scream with a familiar, nonchalant, non-creepy tone.  And she’d say, “Hey, girl!! You look gorgeous, we should be best friends!” I’d respond, “I know, right?” The end.  As the night went on, my friends boldly went over, snapping photos and carrying on casual conversations with her.

After about 25 minutes of standing around and awkwardly day dreaming about my first encounter, Teyana walked my way.  Here goes nothing.  She walked with a mutual acquaintance who stopped and said, “Teyana, Marsha is your biggest fan!” She looked at me a smiled.  “In the world.  Biggest fan in the world,” I stuttered.  “Awe!! Thank you,” she said as she reached over, hugged me then walked away.  Things didn’t go as planned but still, I got to meet her.  By the end of the night I was completely drained and bummed.  All of my friends got their photo and I was too damn awkward to just approach her and get one myself.  Story of my life.

Fast forward to September 2017, I took an impromptu trip to London for fashion week.  As an introvert, I was completely okay with traveling and exploring on my own.  My partner was against the idea.  It was too short of notice for her to join me and she preferred I’d go with someone instead of going alone.  Although solo travel is a goal of mine, I could just hear my mother reminding me of any and every female who has been found dead on a solo trip.  I didn’t bother mentioning it to her.  I recruited two friends and we jetted off to London.  While on my trip, between wifi connections, I received a DM from Avielle inviting me to see Teyana Taylor at a popup shop.  She wrote, “I know how much you love her and I wanted to see if you would like to join me?”

Umm… yea.

The day of the event, I dressed in my most casual, yet cool, ensemble, whatever that means.  I stood outside the venue and waited for Avielle.  I watched as this huge jeep pulled up and parked a few feet away from the building.  Out popped Teyana and her entourage.  She glided across the sidewalk like a damn fairy.  So there I stood, “acting cool,” while recording her pass me by.  Not creepy at all…

Anyway, inside the event were tons of fans gushing over the singer, dancer, actress, mother and wife.  I watched as everyone confidently went over to her and snapped a photo.  As I wandered around the room avoiding eye contact, I pondered how I was going to get my photo, possibly an interview and get out of this hot, overcrowded nightmare.  Don’t get me wrong, the event itself was great but the crowd was a bit much for me.

Avielle spoke with the publicist of the event and asked if she could snap a quick photo.  She had to run off to another event, but she walked over to Teyana, engaged her in small talk, and then had her photo taken.  She made it look so easy!  I figured, no biggie. I can do it.  I approached one of the publicists, told her I’m a Huffington Post contributor, and I’d like to interview Teyana.  She said the schedule was air tight but she would try to fit me in. I stood by the interviewing area and watched as each journalist went over to her, listened to her intensely answer her questions and pose for a photo afterwards.

Ten minutes turned to twenty and twenty turned to an hour.  Eventually the publicist came over to me and said a simple, “Not today, Hun.”

Ugh…I was bummed.  I waited around for another thirty minutes before I decided to leave.

I felt so defeated.  Apparently one of the qualities of an introvert is being dramatic because instead of going home, I headed to the bar to drown my sorrows in an overpriced 2 for 1 special (with a two drink minimum). Forty dollars later (seriously, how is that a 2 for 1 special?), I did a light stumble to the train station, reflecting on the night’s events.  I didn’t get the interview, but at least I was in the room!  It took me an entire train ride and a pep talk to come to that conclusion.

Here’s more unfortunate footage of me stalking our husband, Iman.

A day in the life of an introvert!