Because cruise ships are traveling Vegas boats.

Although I’ve cruised a lot in the past, it was especially different to observe my behavior and mannerisms since starting introvertnthecity. The one major revelation made on my trip is that I am most definitely an introvert.  It can be a lot to deal with when you’re traveling with extroverts who have no problem socializing.  My mother, brother and niece sparked up conversations and made connections with people on board.  Me, well, I took full advantage of the all-inclusive food.  Here are a few highlights from my week-long journey to the Bahamas.

My niece out-socialized me.

Damn, she’s good.  Literally everywhere she went, my 4-year-old niece was able to chat it up and make friends with everyone around her.  Besides being completely adorable, she’s the smartest kid I know so of course you’d want to be her friend!


My mom is obsessed with Trump.

My mother does nothing but update her Facebook page with posts about despising Mr. Trump.  You’d assume that being on vacation would allow her to detach from our political turmoil.

My brother and I spent most of our trip begging her to turn the channel from MSNBC to anything else…


Kids make better companions than adults.

I challenged myself to make at least one friend.  Didn’t happen.  I was able to spark small talk with random people thanks to my niece.  Apparently people love talking to her.  Since I was the human attached to her hand, it made it possible for me to communicate with others.  Still, I find my most riveting conversations were with my niece… and her toys.

Nature is for resetting.


I connect with nature and the elements of the earth. Watching the electric blue ocean against the soft powder blue sky gave me a warm, calm, peaceful feeling. If I could’ve submerged myself into the water, I would have. I wanted to blend with the sky and the ocean. I felt confident the waters would carry my safely until it was time to get back on the ship.  I’m sure the above explanation wouldn’t fly with the authorities if I decided to jump in the water so I stayed my non-swimming ass on the ship and used my imagination instead.

We dressed alike.  Thanks, mom.

Mom relived her fantasy of dressing her kids (now including her grandbaby) in matching outfits.  For my brother’s birthday we wore all white.  For my birthday we wore ankara prints.

I went to the club.

I wanted to ring in my brother’s birthday with him.  Drinks in hand, when the clock struck midnight, we danced and celebrated a new year of life.  For his birthday, I hung out until about 1:30am.  For mine, I made it 10 minutes past midnight before things got too peopley.

Overall, I enjoyed the time spent with my family.  I focused more on them and less on the outside factors like all of the people and activities.  When I needed alone time, I escaped to quiet parts of the ship to recharge and refocus my energy.

For introverts who may find themselves part of the cruise life, it’s only scary if you’re unable to escape large crowds.  You can have a blast if you go with an open mind.